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Our mission is helping the homeless with food for the body & for the soul in Aberdeen.

TJM Ministries raise money through Gospel concerts held through the year. The money raised goes straight to those in need.
There is no money taken for wages. Everyone involved gives up their time to help others in need. 
We do not believe in
Red Tape!
T.J.M Ministries gives food, sleeping bags, warm clothes, shoes & boots, tents & bibles to the homeless.

T.J.M Ministries goes through to the streets three times in the month, two times to the streets & once to the toasty club at the Salvation Army hall on a Friday night. When on the streets they hand out sleeping bags, food, bibles, tents & other essentials for those in need.
We are always on the look out for any of the above!
Call - 07730256543
Your Gifts are much appreciated!

Psalm 107 v 5 They were hungry & thirsty & their lives ebbed away. Then they cried out to the Lord in their trouble & He delivered them from their distress.


Enjoying a Buckie buttery in Aberdeen.

Thanks to the Homebakery Buckie.


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